Admin Panel In PHP Mysql

Admin Panel In PHP Mysql

Admin Panel In PHP Mysql :-

This is full admin panel in php and mysql with a demo site you can download from free here. This is for startup developer , we can face vary problem  at starting phase of development therefor we post this admin panel for startup developer.You use and modify this admin panel according  to your project.

Technology :-

1.  PHP

   2.  Mysql

  3. HTML5

 4. CSS3

              5. Bootstrap

Compatible With  : -

                                                                                    All Latest Browser


Download  file and Change Few file and Enjoy : -

Step first make data base and import sql file from uni/db/uni.sql

Step second and  go to uni/include/ and open dbclass.php


    private $host = "localhost";
    private $user = "root"; // change this from your user name
    private $password = ""; // change from your password
    private $database = "uni"; // change from your database name

Step third and  go to uni/include/ and open project_class.php

    public $baseurl= ""; // change from this url by your base url if
    public $admindir="manage";                 // you change the  folder name uni to other

    public $prifix ="uni_";
    public $admin  ="admin";
    public $slider = "slider";
    public $home     = "home";
    public $about     = "about";
    public $gallery   = "gallery";
    public $media     = "media";
    public $contact   ="contact";
    public $logo        ="logo";



Download Here

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  1. anubhav katharya
    • 14 Aug 2017

    Sir Please send admin User name and password.....

  2. PHP Cooker Admin
    • 14 Aug 2017

    Please use this user name : admin password : admin

  3. tyagraj
    • 19 Aug 2017


  4. sumesh kanade
    • 21 Aug 2017

    Its very use full